onsdag 29. januar 2014

Sudelfeld and Sochi

Right now I'm in Sudelfeld, Germany where the last World Cup of the season will take place on February 1st. Feels very strange that the world cup season is ending this early.
After the race in Germany I go back home for some days, then France for a little training camp and then I will head to Sochi on February 15th. So happy to be a part of the Norwegian olympic team:)

I'm racing on the 19th and the 22nd! :) My goal is to do the very best runs I can, focus on a few carefully chosen technical things and have fun on my board. Will be exciting to see how far that will take me! :)

Thank you for all your support and greetings, it means a lot to me!

HK out

tirsdag 31. desember 2013

A new year and olympic season

So here we are again, a new year is sneaking up on us. After a summer with some vacation, some work and a lot of training, I have started the snowboard season 2013/2014 with some continental  cups and 2 world  cups. This season I finally have an ok financial situation, thanks to SG Pro team, Olympiatoppen,  Sparebank 1 and Frichs kafeteria.

I started the season in the US, where I was happy with getting two 2nd places in the NorAms. After that we went to Carezza to train. I was clumsy ,had a crash,  and hurt my ribs. They have definitely effected my performance quite a bit, so during the pgs world cup in carezza I didn't do good. The next world cup was slalom and I ended up 10th. Which is ok.

The season start hasn't gone they way I pictured it would, but at the same time I didnt picture my ribs hurting either. And I'm pleased that  my ribs now are pretty much recovered, so I'm ready to  keep going and doing the thing I love. We have 3 more world  cups before the Olympic selection January 20th. If I stay focused,  remember to have fun and ride the way I can, it should be ok. Guess  I will just wait and see and ride my best;)
Fingers crossed
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year
HK out

tirsdag 5. mars 2013

End of the season, spring and some downtime

The end of the season went by so quickly. I guess time in general does(probably a bad excuse not to update the blog very often, but in my eyes it is a legit reason. haha..)

In Arosa I finaly got a result I’ve been dreaming about and trying to get for so long. I could finally climb onto the top of the podium in a world cup, hear the national anthem and be overjoyed. It was a lot of fun, obviously. haha..

PGS World Cup Arosa - Women's Podium - f.l.t.r. 2. Patrizia Kummer (SUI), 1. Hilde-Katrine Engeli (NOR), 3. Caroline Calve (CAN), 4. Alena Zavarzina (RUS)-S
© FIS/Oliver Kraus

After my the World Cup in Arosa we headed to La Molina in Spain. I always enjoy going there, except this time it was a little colder and it was a lot of snow(for La Molina). As we had rented vehicles from Barcelona, they only had summer tires. That ended up being a problem. And you could see a lot of snowboarders pushing a lot of rental cars around the little village. Good workout though. As far as the competition goes, I might have needed someone to push me down the hill a little too, cause I didnt go fast enough. Got into the top 16, but went out in the first round against Julia Dujmovits and ended up 14th. But you know what they/I say: Could’ve gone better, could’ve gone worse.

After La Molina we headed to Sierra Nevada to do our last World Cup of the season. We never did that World Cup though. It got cancelled. Bummer. Snow was awful though, and the coaches and TD(short for The Decisionmaker- haha, not really, but we will call him that) decided that it was to dangerous to race. It was stupid, but at the same time the conditions would’ve been awfull. Its just very annoying when you loose a chance to compete. After all, we are competitors. Its what we do, and want to do.

I’ve been in Norway for a while now. I would love to say that I havent updated the blog because the entire country of Norway lost internet. That would be lying though. It was just my part of Norway, because the wireless signals got blocked by a lot of pink polar bears flying through the air. (I caught one of them, and now keep it as a pet.) ……

I will now focus on training and preparing for next seasons. I will actually have some time of for the next month. Since I have my bachelor degree, I no longer go to school and wont start working until June. Had some extra airmiles saved up, and decided to use them for a good cause. So I will be going good places with good people for a while. Train, relax and try to slow down time. Can’t wait.
Thanks to everyone that is following this blog despite my inability to update it at times Smilefjes som blunker 
Also want to thank my sponsors and support: Mum and dad , Sparebank 1 Lom og Skjåk(local bank), Madsen Auto AS(car), Dombås Optiske(helps me see the world), DRS(former workplace who now help me out) and SG Snowboards(prevents me from loooking like a complete idiot trying to pull out of the start gate with no snowboardSmilefjes som blunker

HK out

onsdag 20. februar 2013

Sochi, Dombås and Moscow

Test event for the Olympics in Sochi was very interesting. Its always fun when you get to a new location to snowboard. And I must say I was a little surprised when I got out of the airport and heat slammed in my face and I laid my eyes on palm trees. An unusual sight for a Norwegian snowboarder. Anyway, we got on the bus and started the 1,5 hour drive to the hotels and the hill. A ride that gave you a little look at all the roads, railways and hotels they are building here. I mean, they are building a lot of stuff. Everywhere. But it looks like they might be able to finish building in time for the 2014 Olympic games. And that would be good.

View from the gondola, on the way to training. Early in the morning. Very early in the morning. And dark. Veeery dark.

The first competition in Sochi was paralellgiantslalom. I found the conditions a little challenging, with some unpredictable snow here and there. But I qualified 4th in my course on the 1st run. On my second run however I messed up, did a mistake that cost me a lot of time- and I ended up 17th(top 16 move onto the final). I was 0,07 seconds away from the 16th. So close. But that doesnt really matter- it wasnt close enough. I was so happy for my teammate Ariane Lavigne from Canada though, that made it into top 16- and ended up 3rd. Big achievement !=)

On the 2nd competition day, it was time for paralellslalom – my favourite discipline. The day started out with the competition being 1 hour delayed. Then 1 more. And another. And that kept happening until they cancelled the competition. They tried to start the competition, but after a few girls went- it was obvious that they had to cancel it. They did a bad grooming job, and combined with mild weather it was too much “sugarsnow” and soft snow everywhere. It sucked. But, we are wintersport athletes. So I guess we have to have this happen sometime. Very annoying that it happend at the test event for the olympics though. But at least we got to do one competition and experience Sochi.

After Sochi I went back to Norway, to my lovely hometown Dombås. And Dombås had snow dumping. All day long. Got to go cross country skiing and had one day in awesome “pow”.


Unfortunately I got the flu after some days at home. Very annoying, escpecially with a lot of snow outside and considering the fact that Im going to Moscow tomorrow. Im just hoping this flu doesnt last for too long, and that I will be back in shape when we have the ramp race in Moscow on the 23. !

HK out

lørdag 9. februar 2013

Snowboard World Championsships

went very well. I ended up 4th in paralellslalom and 4th in paralellgiantslalom in Stoneham, Canada. I would have liked to bring home at least one medal, but hey- Im definitely happy with what I did.

Was particularly satisfied with my giantslalom result, since I have had a lot of problems figuring out giantslalom for the last decade. haha.. Felt like some pieces fell into place, and it feels good to be able to go through the gates and feel like Im snowboarding at the same time.


I have been at home in Norway for a while after the World Championships. Skipped the World Cup in Rogla because I wanted to save some money so I can do the rest of the season and don't worry so much about money. I have been able to relax and hang out with my better half, friends, grandma and chiro. And I feel like I made a good decision.

Now Im off to Sochi, for two World Cups- one in each displin. Will be interesting to see the hill where the 2014 Sochi Olympics will be held Smilefjes 
HK out

onsdag 16. januar 2013

Two World Cups, and two strong results.

After chirstmas I got on an airplane and headed for Italy. I spent some days training with the Canadians at Kreuzbergpass, before we headed to Bad Gastein in Austria- ready to do this seasons first world cups in paralellslalom.

The world cups went ok/godd, and I ended up in 6th and 8th place. On the first race I got a 6th place, which I was definitely stoked about, especially since my riding wasnt exactly where i wanted it to be- but I was still able to get a good result. On the second day I ended up 8th, which I was both happy and annoyed about. My riding felt better that day, but I pretty much took myself out- crashing- . But I ended up 8th, which all in all isnt that bad !

Tomorrow I will head to Canada to do a couple of North-American cups, before doing to World Championships in paralell giant slalom and paralellslalom on the 25th and 27th Januar. Looking forward to it !

HK out

mandag 31. desember 2012

Italy. Europa Cup. World Cup.

pretty much sums up a lot of what I’ve been up to lately. After spending a month i North-America we jumped on a plane to Europe in the middle of December. Ever since we got here we have been hanging out in a couple of different places in Italy, competing and training.

The first competitions on the schedule after coming to Europe was a couple of Europa Cups in Ratsching/Racines, Italy. Paralellslaloms. Without a doubt, my favorite. We had some rough conditions the first day- flat light and snowy cold weather. But the day turned out pretty well, and I actually won =) Happy with the way this season is starting. I planned to repeat the succsess on the 2nd day of competition, but I fell in the 1st qualifying run and that was it. But 1 victory is better than none =)


After the Europa cups we relocated to Carezza, still in Italy. We had a couple of days with training, and then it was time to do the first World Cup of the season. Paralell giant slalom. I have had a bit of a rough time in training the days going in to the competition, giant slalom kicks my a** and beats me up at times. I went on a last training session the day before the competition, and got a lot of stuff figured out. On the first World Cup of the season I got 2nd in my course after the first run. Very very happy with that. I messed up my 2nd run badly, and despite a lot of frustration right after the 2nd run- I was quite satisfied with the day. I ended up 17th, so I was just outside the top 16 that gets to do the final. But I was 2nd after the first run, and that good news for me. =)


I am hanging out at home for Christmas and New Years. Dombås. Mom. Dad. Friends. Cross country skiing. Snowboard. Mountains. Snow. Joy. Chill. Home.
Merry Christmas and happy new year everyone!=)
HK out